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Religious Records
Religious records can be an invaluable source of genealogical information. They mention family members, can be used to track migration patterns into and out of a certain area, and in some cases, may help locate place of origin in another country.

There are far too many churches and synagogues in New York City and Brooklyn to list them here. I have used this page to talk about the centralization of religious records and where a researcher may find them.

Religious Repositories
Many researchers will find that the church or synagogue that their ancestors worshipped at no longer exists. What then becomes of the records? Their fate may take two paths: the records could be centralized into one location or may be incorporated into the records of an existing parish.

The following list contains contact information for most of the major religions represented in the New York City area. If the parish you seek no longer exists, I recommend that you contact the appropriate authority for your denomination for assistance in locating the records. In some cases, these authorities house the records you seek.


The American Baptist Historical Society
1106 Goodman Street South
Rochester NY 14620


Congregational Library
14 Beacon Street
Boston MA 02108

Dutch Reformed

Holland Society of New York Library
122 East 58th Street
New York NY 10022

NOTE: The LDS has some Dutch Reformed records on microfilm:
The Dutch Reformed Church Records Collection microfilm # 1016557-1016566; 1016869-1016886; 1019517-1019525.


Diocese of New York
Cathedral of St John the Divine
1047 Amsterdam Avenue
New York NY 10025

Locating records in the Hebrew faith can be difficult. There has been no centralization of records, so it is necessary to write to the synagogue or a neighboring one if the original has closed. The following can be helpful in locating records:

Genealogy Institute
Center for Jewish History
15 W 16th St
New York NY 10011

NOTE: This is now the home of the American Jewish Historical Society, YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, Leo Baeck Institute and the American Sephardi Federation.


United Methodist Archives Center
Drew University Library
PO Box 127
Madison NJ 07940
Main library phone number: 973-408-3125


Presbyterian Historical Society & Dept. of History
United Presbyterian Church
425 Lombard Street
Philadelphia PA 19147

Roman Catholic

Most Roman Catholic records have not been centralized. When a parish closes, the records go to either the neighboring parish or the Diocesan arhives. To find which may be the case, contact the following:

Archdiocese of New York
Trustees of St Patrick's Cathedral
1011 First Ave
New York NY 10022

Society of Friends (Quaker)

New York Quarterly Meeting of the Religious Society
15 Rutherford Place
New York NY 10003

NOTE: The LDS has many of these records on microfilm.

Online Resources

A complete, alphabetical listing of Catholic churches in the boroughs of New York is now online. Includes address and date established.

The Reformed Dutch Church of America has its history online. Included are where to find resources, both online and in repositories.

Member Lists
A complete listing of Quakers in New York City 1755-1756 and Queens Quakers is now available.

Members of the Reformed Dutch Church of New Amsterdam, 1649-1659. Members of the Reformed Dutch Church of Gravesend.

Cornell has an online catalog of members of the Dutch Church of New York 1686. The listing also includes street names.

Baptisms of the Reformed Dutch Church of Flatlands, 1747-1802 and Gravesend.

Paper Trails is a collection of baptismal records collected by researchers. The page is surname searchable.

Theodore Brassard has transcribed baptisms of the Reformed Dutch Church 1639-1730 on his website. The site is slow to load, so please be patient.

The German Genealogy Group offers an online index to baptisms from St. Leonard's of Port Maurice, Brooklyn. Fully searchable by surname.

Marriages of the Reformed Dutch Church of New Amsterdam, 1639-1701 and 1702-1711.

The German Genealogy Group offers an online index to marriages from St. Leonard's of Port Maurice, Brooklyn. Fully searchable by surname of bride or groom.


June 2001