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Wait! What happened here??? Something changed when I wasn't looking!

Well, Gael Eire was getting old and tired. She was given a face-lift just in time for her first birthday. The purpose of this site hasn't changed, neither has the information contained within. The background color change should be much easier on the eyes.
I hope you like the new look of Gael Eire!

You've been doing your family research for some time and just came across a bit of information that makes your heart pound and gives you nightmares. Your ancestor resided in New York City at one time! You're overwhelmed by the thought of conducting research in the most populous city in the United States! You say to yourself, New York City is huge! I haven't the faintest idea where to look for records!

Don't be overwhelmed. It will help to view New York City for what it is - a collection of neighborhoods. I've taken the basic topics of genealogy and applied them to New York City. On each topic page, you will find summary info, repositories that house the records and even online resources, including free databases.

Please be sure to visit our sister site, Gael Eire 2. There you will find information regarding military service records, voting records and correctional institution records.

If your New York City ancestors were Irish, be sure to drop by the Irish in New York City website. This website is dedicated specifically to the Irish experience in New York City through history. On the website, you will find transcriptions from the Irish-American, profiles of famous Irish-Americans from New York City, statistics, a surname database and a suggested reading page!

This website is a work in progress. Source information and links are constantly being updated.While I try my best to correct any broken links, it is inevitable that some will be missed. If you should encounter a broken link, please email me!

This site does not contain information on any individual or family. It is a general reference guide to genealogy in New York City and the surrounding boroughs.

Don't let the Big Apple scare you off. Here you will find the information necessary to guide you through this daunting task. So relax, have an Egg Cream and stay awhile!

I do not undertake any search requests.

You can search the pages of Gael Eire quickly and easily by topic or keyword.

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and Noteworthy

If you're scratching your head over records written in Latin, then 24 Hour Translations is a blessing. This site offers a free online dictionary, Latin phrase list and even short translations for a nominal fee.

African American World is a website that brings together the history and culture of African Americans. Made in cooperation with PBS and NPR, the site features photos, profiles and articles.

Looking for a list dedicated to the Italian immigrants of New York? Rootsweb's new list, Italians, New York is the place to go. This list is small and just getting off the ground, but should be of enormous help.

If an ancestor was orphaned at a young age, you are faced with the many roads of his/her fate. Parents Died Young, an online article provided by Rootsdig, gives you possible scenarios and the records generated with each.

Teapot Genies is an online television show, covering all the basics of genealogy. Three women, not professional genealogists, host the show and offer tips and advice.

If your ancestors immigrated to the US after 1820, then Rootsweb's new list, US Ships' List, Post 1820 may be of some help. A good source for information on ports of entry and where to find these elusive passenger lists.

Please keep checking back for updates to this site!

Copyrighted 2001 T Cassidy.

This site is dedicated to my beloved father. RootsWeb, the oldest and largest FREE genealogy site

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